07 agosto, 2008

ISIS3 - important information about registration

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Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2008 7:55 AM
Subject: ISIS3 - important information about registration

Dear colleagues:

We have had a few problems with the company hired by the sopnsors to take care of the congress logistics, as some of you have experenced. Right now there's a new problem with the confirmation and selected modalities of payment. One of their problems lies in errors in the MySQL database they are using   :-)  !!!!

But, as problems are there to be solved somehow, we will maintain a special line of communication with ISIS3 participants.

If you are not registered yet, go to:

If you did you registration, in order to confirm the payment go the page
and follow the instructions. After you finished it, succesful of not, follow OUR instructions below

We kindly ask all ISIS3 participants, regardless of whether you succeeded in register or pay online or not, and regardless of the means of payment you intend to use, to send a message to:

CRICS8@bireme.br  with copy to w3isis@bireme.org

- your name
- organization
- country

I will receive the copies sent to the second address personally, and in that way we will have a complete, official list to use for sorting out any misunderstandings when you arrive at the ISIS3 congress.


Ernesto Spinak
Thanks to Wenke Adam for the translation

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