12 mayo, 2007

ISIS Survey - Asked questions

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Subject: ISIS Survey - Asked questions

Dear Members

Up to this day, Saturday 12th, we have 311 records in the survey, but only 292 valid ones corresponding to 302 institutions.

302 institutions is a very good number, and the survey will be open until May 31st, so we are in the middle of this work.

Let me explain again the target and scope of the survey.
  • The present survey aims to collect the different profiles of Institutions using Isis databases online. This is a key issue, please ONLY ONLINE databases. Do not register winisis version, ms-dos, or any application developed with VBasic, Delphi, etc, working in a LAN enviroment.
  • Register ONE record for the Institution, no matter how many databases you have. In the survey form, record how may databases you have online, and the size of the biggest one, all in the same record ... only one please.
  • Your comments are very welcome.
Because of the above mentioned reasons, there were 19 registers canceled. A few of them were only winisis applications; in other case one institution filled out one form for each database. We had also one institution that in the same record declared 11 different institutions using Weblis. Therefore we have 292 valid records out of 311, and data concerning 302 institutions.

We are very optimistic, and let me say that quite a few of our collaborators were surprised by the number of institutions using online databases with Isis.
I'll explain what is my bet.

When we proposed this survey we had some personal information about the main applications existing in the web belonging to the Isis Family, but we had no idea about other initiatives.

For example, we do know here in Bireme that there are almost 150 institutions in our Virtual Healh Library which is mounted on Isis applications: http://bvsmodelo.bvsalud.org/php/index.php?lang=en
We had personal information from Henryk Rybinski that there are more than 60 active installations using Weblis: http://portal.unesco.org/ci/en/ev.php-URL_ID=16841&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html
Elysio Soares, which is the autor of Personal Home Library, declared about 300 libraries in the web, mostly in Brazil using his system mounted on wxis of Bireme, http://www.elysio.com.br/
And last but not least, Guilda Ascencio have about 50 more installations active using her Orbita Documental, mostly in the Latin American and Caribbean countries: http://www.mibiblioteca.info/

All these together makes a total close to 600 institutions.
Well, the good news is that if we exclude from the survey these four main impelmentations, we discovered that are more than 200 institutions using other solutions... and the survey is not finished yet.
So, what is our bet?
...  there should be a grand total in the order of 900-1000 institutions using Isis Online.

And what kind of databases, what is the size, how many countries, etc?
This is for a new letter

Regards and have a good day
Ernesto Spinak

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